HR Project Management

You may recognize the following scenario. Your organization has a full agenda. So full, in fact, that developing or implementing anything new without disturbing the daily running of the business is challenging. Not doing anything, however, means falling behind. For business to remain healthy, companies need to develop and implement new policies and processes. Yet, increasing your permanent staff, even temporarily, is not an option. And even if it is: how can you find qualified staff that quickly?

This is where SVEA Connections can help. We can offer you the expertise and support you need to develop and execute new HR policies and tools.

Examples of recent projects:

  • KPMG: Implementing a Development Management Toolkit including a new Performance Development Cycle.
  • American School: In line with recent HR rules and regulations, renewing the Employee Handbook obtaining approval of the Workers’ Council.
  • American School: Development and implementation of the digital online personnel management software AFAS “Leave from work” and “Reporting Sick”.
  • TNT Express: Setting up a tender process for a new relocation provider for international local hires.
  • Intertrust Group: Creating a new HR Global Framework following the integration of two international trust offices.

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