HR Consultant Maria Kesseler


Developments and changes often follow on, one after the other, in rapid succession. This makes it challenging for organizations to keep pace with change. I believe in cooperation, and in taking personal responsibility. I offer my services both as a generalist and specialist in human resource management (HRM) within organizations. I work with international HR professionals and senior managers to cover areas such as terms and conditions of employment, agreements, performance management, remuneration and guidance in dismissal cases.

I believe in taking a flexible approach to assignments so that all parties concerned can benefit. It is my goal to break ground for HRM considering the continuing digitalization. I am passionate about using new technologies as a solution for HR management issues where this is beneficial.


I like to create maximum impact by working on demand, with a practical approach in combination with a tactical and strategic outlook. Efficiency, output and enjoyment are central for me while working on an assignment. Drive, positive outlook and integrity color my approach.

Following my desire to improve and optimize results, while taking into account the delicate balance within an organization, I aim to connect the dots between vision and achievement.


SVEA Connections offers independent and cost-effective HR advice to (international) professional companies. Maria Kesseler is the driving force behind SVEA Connections. Swedish by origin, with experience in business services, logistics, medical and health care – you can count on professionalism.


How people interact with one another has always fascinated me. This inspired me to study Human Resources Management. In 1994 I relocated to the Netherlands to broaden my horizons. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Human Resource Management and specialized with a post graduate qualification in Change Management. I went on to gain experience across all of the areas of HRM with a major international player in the financial industry.

I decided to start my own HR professional firm in 2009 following a deep desire to use my knowledge and expertise to work with organizations to help them generate clear and optimal results. My passion is to further develop myself and others to reach full potential. I believe that everyone has talent and that they only need to find the right area to manifest it in.

SVEA connections is an HR professional firm specialized in supporting professional companies. SVEA connections offers international HR knowledge, experience and support to help you in attracting, developing and managing people at your organization. SVEA Connections believes in your vision and ensures that what you see is what you get.